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Recordings & Concerts

Bahros is French with Persian-Indian origins.

He has performed and recorded since 1989 in France, United Kingdom, China, Australia, and Germany.

His first composition was at the age of17 with a musical tragedy "A Moustache on the Head". He won

a first prize for creation at the national school

competition of Montansier Theatre in France.

He now lives and records at his personal studio in Tenerife since 2019.

Musical Journeys:

He initiated and coordinated the first World Improvisional Music Day in Berlin on 18th November 2018 at Meistersaal Hall.

He launched the World Improvisional Arts TV (WIATV)

in Berlin in 2018.

He created ONG Transcultural Event Association Promoting Global Peace in 2019. The ONG was recognised by the United Nations in the same year.

Major improvisional recordings: 

1989: Espace Temps solo piano CD recording and release in France

1998:Un Jour Infini (original piano version)

2012: Un Jour Infini (transcription for flute and string trio)

in London

2013:"J'entends le Silence de l'Univers" Improvisional music theatre with dance during the Avignon International Theatre Festival.

2014: Gathas (piano with Persian flute and percussions) in Sydney

2015Transcultural Invocations (duo with Odile Bruckert)


Initiated les Transculturelles d'Avignon, a music, dance

and theatre festival, with 3 created productions.

2016: Wrote a musical tale : Papillon and the Seed. The piano improvisional performances took place in France with Odile Bruckert (narration, flute and vocals)

2017: There and Always : Recording in Berlin with Odile Bruckert and Hermann Pigeon

2018: Berlin Variations with Samson Marzbani (Bahros)  Ensemble. Direct to Disc Vinyl recording and  production by Rainer Maillard for Berliner Meister Schallplatten with international release same year.

2019: Solo piano audio-video recording at Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin. A documentary for television and audio release of the recordings in Autumn 2020.

2019-2020: Over 100 piano pieces for United Nations Days

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